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iBasso DX120 HiRes DAP The DX120 is the new entry level DAP from iBasso featuring 2.5mm 3.5mm and coaxial outputs an AK4495 DAC 2 micro SD card slots USB DAC mode and DSD support. Digital audio bus synchronous clock TCXO active temperature compensation crystal oscillator + phase-locked loop technology Low temperature drift low frequency offset ultra low phase noise make the clock error less than 1ppm realize the full synchronization of the digital audio bus clock make the sound distortion lower restore the natural reality True full balanced output Independent differential amplifier circuit for each channel true balanced output design. 2.5mm bal drive fully symmetrical architecture (wiring adopts up and down and left and right stereo symmetry) to reduce distortion improve left and right channel isolation and avoid single-segment interface ground interference. New Mango Operating System The new generation of Mango OS pure sound system derived from Linux highly tailored deep optimization fast and pure implementation of the entire UI. Using DMA hardware to process background I/O tasks liberating the processor making the audio decoding highly isolated the CPU is no longer interfered greatly improving the real-time performance of the entire audio channel making the sound layering stronger clean and thorough refreshing . Tech Specs Professional sound card chip XMOS XU208 customized version of Thesycon easy to implement USB DAC. DX120 also has QC2.0 and MTK-PE+ dual fast charging technology supports 12V 9V/1.5A fast charging standard and is compatible with traditional 5V/2A charger. After the system is fully optimized it is more energy efficient and has a battery life of more than 16h. Immersion Gold process using a multilayer PCB motherboard individually shielded and isolated analog line digital line a fully symmetrical topology cabling technology. Symmetric balance amp circuit + symmetrical topological wiring which makes the balance separation higher and ...

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Advanced MP3 Players iBasso DX120 HiRes DAP Colour BLUE £249.99

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