iBasso AMP9 3.5mm Vacuum Tube Amplifier Card Details and Price

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iBasso AMP9 3.5mm Vacuum Tube Amplifier Card An engaging and unique vacuum tube sound delivering excellent linearity Based on the sixth generation of Nutube vacuum tubes made by Korg and Noritake AMP9 completes voltage amplification through Nutube vacuum tubes giving AMP9 and engaging and unique vacuum tube sound. On the buffer stage butters up to a +/-200mA linear current output are utilized. The AMP9 has a high current drive capability for low impedance monitors and headphones while giving a unique quality of tubes. The better the parts the better the sound AMP9 uses many high precision Susumu metal film resistors custom gold-plated inductors ROHM polymer tantalum capacitors and Panasonic polymer tantalum capacitors to effectively reduce power supply resistance and improve dynamic performance and resolution. A custom-made silicon shock absorber for the Nutube module effectively reduces the microphonic effect. Hand matched every AMP is a masterpiece Each AMP9 is tested and matched with the AP audio analyser with 3 multi-turn potentiometers. The three potentiometers are manually calibrated and matched by engineers for the optimal performance of the Nutube. After 20 versions of development boards optimization and turning AMP9 brings a bright sweet and engaging sound which is then brought to its full potential by our players AMP9 is compatible with the DX150/DX200/DX220. Please update the firmware to the latest version to have optimized support for the AMP9. Features Nutube vacuum tubes made by Korg and Noritake Output port: 3.5mm single ended Compatible with the DX150/DX200/DX220 models

Best Price: £249.00 from Advanced MP3 Players

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Advanced MP3 Players iBasso AMP9 3.5mm Vacuum Tube Amplifier Card £249.00

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