iBasso AMP5 High Voltage and Current Amplifier Module Details and Price

iBasso AMP5 High Voltage and Current Amplifier Module The AMP5 designed for use with the iBasso DX200 offers the 3.5mm single ended user a high current amp for demanding headphones. It is also very quiet and works well with IEMs. With an extremely low background noise music is all the more layered and transparent. The AMP5 handles the dynamics of the music and delivers excellent headroom giving the quality of sound that so many hope for. The card features a +/- 8V voltage swing which significantly improves the dynamics and headroom of the music being listened to. The optimized buffer architecture results in a lower current consumption and higher play time while still being able to output a high current resulting ina clean and very fast transient response. The AMP5 has a 3.5mm phone out and a 3.5mm line out. The average play time of your DX200 with the AMP3 card attached is 9 - 10 hours. Play time varies with different sample/bit rates and headphone/IEM loads. Features Two high voltage 3.5mm outputs; one phone out one line out. 9 - 10 hour average play time Suitable for the iBasso DX150 DX200 and the new DX220 DAP

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Advanced MP3 Players iBasso AMP5 High Voltage and Current Amplifier Module £159.00

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