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**Push faster, stronger wi-fi to every corner of your home** Perfect for bigger families or households with multiple users streaming content or gaming at the same time. The best solution for maintaining faster, stronger wi-fi in every room. **The latest tri-band technology pushes faster, stronger wi-fi to every corner of your home** - The third high-speed channel you get with tri-band allows more devices to connect, and do more at the same time. - Perfect for bigger families or homes with lots of users streaming content or gaming all at the same time **The super smart app locates the best place for your discs, and gives you ultimate control over your broadband** - See who’s online, pause the internet and manage a guest network. Control and schedule access, user by user - Triband AX3700 technology gives multiple users our speediest wi-fi. So everyone can watch, stream and download at the same time - Three premium discs eliminate dead spots, creating our most powerful wi-fi network. Get every device connected everywhere in your home **Intelligent wi-fi that covers the whole home** - Placing the discs around your home gives you full control and gets rid of wi-fi dead spots - Automatically connects your devices to the fastest, strongest signal as you move around - Even with multiple devices connected you won't lose speed anywhere in your home Now you can have TV, films, music and games on any device, in any room, with no dead spots or drop-outs. *Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi adds a third Wi-Fi radio for “tri-band” which offers a dedicated high power connection between discs that utilises brand new 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology to deliver ultrafast speeds around the home Restrictions - Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi can only be used in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. As it may use frequencies in the 5.725-5.825GHz band which are not allowed elsewhere in Europe.

Best Price: £299.98 from BT Business Direct

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BT Business Direct BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi three discs £299.98

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