AudioQuest Dragonfly RED USB DAC Details and Price

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The DragonFly Red uses the highest quality DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) ever used in a DragonFly giving true audiophile sound quality. The 32-bit ESS 9016 chip is more usually found in high-end hi-fi equipment and boasts an astonishing signal to noise ratio making it sound more precise and detailed than the DragonFly Black. Rather than using the Black's analogue volume control it also deploys bit-perfect digital volume. This reduces distortion still further delivering an 'inky' black silence when the music demands. Lower power consumption With lower power consumption than previous DragonFlys the DragonFly Red is suitable for use with smartphones and tablets without undue battery use. Simply fit a USB adaptor to suit your device and connect up to an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet for a massive improvement in sound quality. Powers Demanding headphones With a boost in output from 1.2V to 2.1V the Red is far better at driving difficult headphones than the Black version. If you use larger headphones with more powerful magnets such as the Grado range or AudioQuest's own Nighthawks then the Red model is ideal. The higher output gives effortless dynamics a powerful bass and ability to make the music 'come to life'. Small package big sound Although tiny the DragonFly is every bit as impressive as many full-size DACs. Asynchronous transfer and twin clocks ensure perfectly timed and controlled digital information enters the DAC for a highly accurate and precise sound quality. Compared to a computer/smartphone/tablet's headphone output you'll notice a more dynamic sound with more detail and openness. In essence the sound will simply be more life-like. Upgrade the Sound of Your Mac PC or Laptop Whether you listen to music on your smartphone tablet Mac PC or laptop the audio quality can easily be improved. Whether you use headphones ...

Best Price: £165.83 from Advanced MP3 Players

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Advanced MP3 Players AudioQuest Dragonfly RED USB DAC £165.83

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