Asrock Radeon RX 6700 XT Challenger Pro 12GB OC Graphics Card Details and Price

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  *Any Game codes will be emailed out within 5 working days from Invoice   FEATURES Clock: GPU / Memory Boost Clock: Up to 2620 MHz / 16 Gbps Game Clock: Up to 2474 MHz / 16 Gbps Base Clock: 2375 MHz / 16 Gbps Key Specification 7nm AMD Radeon™ RX 6700 XT Graphics 12GB 192-bit GDDR6 AMD RDNA™ 2 Architecture DirectX 12 Ultimate PCI® Express 4.0 Support 2 x 8-pin Power Connectors 3 x DisplayPort™ 1.4 with DSC / 1 x HDMI™ 2.1 VRR Key Features Triple Fan Design Striped Axial Fan Ultra-fit Heatpipe Stylish Metal Backplate 0dB Silent Cooling Super Alloy Graphics Card   OC Edition Great Performance. Delivers great performance which is more higher than reference cards based on the solid hardware design. Triple Fan Design Triple fan design helps to optimize system cooling to reduce the operating temperature. Stylish Metal Backplate Solid, Fancy, Cool. Designed to avoid PCB bending. The fancy outlook makes the graphic card more legendary in visual. It also helps to enhance cooling with the premium thermal pads equipped backside. Striped Axial Fan Designed For Enhanced Airflow. ASRock’s custom Striped Axial Fan delivers enhanced airflow to optimize cooling from not only the stripe structure on each fan blade but also the polishing surface on the bottom side. 0dB Silent Cooling Spin For Cooling, Stop For Silence. The fan spins when the temperature goes high for the optimal cooling, and stops when the temperature goes low for the complete silence. Ultra-fit Heatpipe Consolidated to Maximize the Contact. The heatpipes are consolidated to maximize the contact among each others and also the GPU baseplate for the optimized heat dissipation. High-density Metal Welding Improve Heat Dissipation. Effectively isolate all coverage of the gap between pipe and stacked fins, hence improve heat dissipation effectively. Nano Thermal Paste Perfect Thermal Teamwork. Eliminate the gaps in the contact area to maximize heat transfer and thermal efficiency. Premium Thermal Pad Better Heat Transfer. The premium thermal pad helps to transfer the heat of the components to the heatsink, improving heat dissipation. Precise Screw Torque Optimized Mounting Pressure. ASRock adopts precise screw torque when assembling its graphics cards to optimize the cooler mounting pressure to improve thermal efficiency while avoiding damage to GPU die. Super Alloy Graphics Card Dr. MOS Dr.MOS is the integrated power stage solution which is optimized for synchronous buck-set down voltage applications! Intelligently delivering higher current and driving up to 60A continuous current for each phase, thus providing improved thermal result and superior performance. Premium 60A Power Choke Compared to traditional chokes, ASRock’s premium 60A power chokes effectively make the saturation current up to three times better, thus providing enhanced and improved Vcore voltage to the motherboard. Nichicon 12K Black Caps Supreme 12K black capacitors with lifespans of at least 12,000 hours. Compared to other counterparts on high-end motherboards that merely have lifespans of around 10,000 hours, ASRock applied Nichicon 12K Black Caps that offer 20% longer lifespans and provide more stability and reliability. 2oz Copper PCB Using only carefully selected copper materials for PCB layers, 2oz Copper PCB delivers lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking. Matte Black PCB A new mysterious matte black and copper color scheme to match the prestigious components on ASRock's high-end graphics card. High Density Glass Fabric PCB High Density Glass Fabric PCB design that reduces the gaps between the PCB layers to protect the graphics card against electrical shorts caused by humidity. ASRock Tweak 2.0 Provides the smart fan speed control and instant performance tweaking. 8K Resolution Support Not only can it handles 4K graphics but also supports the next generation 8K video output for the ultimate visual experience. PCI® Express 4.0 Support This graphics card features PCI® Express 4.0 support, with a throughput of 16 GT/s and enables two times the bandwidth compared to PCI® Express 3.0. Get ready for the next generation of PC gaming.  

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